Public Access Desktop

Public Access Desktop 6.1

Prevent your PC being damaged by multiple users


  • Allows you to protect your PC from misuse
  • Configure your PC for multiple users
  • Extensive online documentation and help


  • Not particularly secure against determined hackers


If your PC is shared by many people, then you don't know what's happening to it when you're not there. Or maybe you administer a network of PC's used by several different users.

Public Access Desktop makes your life easier by allowing you to make a foolproof workstation easy and safe for any public place.

Once installed and setup, it prevents anyone unauthorised from configuring the system or filling the hard disk with unwanted files.

You can create an Internet Kiosk for cybercafes, library information terminals, in-store terminals or other public access PCs. Another option is a configuration designed to stop children accessing your home PC.

For most home usersd however, the most useful application is to completely disable access to the files installed on your PC and prevent users from changing PC settings while allowing full access to all necessary applications you specify.

You can selectively enable to launch any program installed on your PC, not only the web browser, mail client and office applications but also any other software you specify.

You can even specifiy a time limit for each user.

Public Access Desktop is a powerful program that puts professional network admin tools at your fingertips.

Use Public Access Desktop to make a foolproof workstation easy and safe for any public place, where people have free access to it, but nobody of them can configure the system or clutter the hard disk with garbage (whether accidentally or intentionally).

Public Access Desktop


Public Access Desktop 6.1

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